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Music Unites Us
Music Heals Us
Music Builds Community
Bringing Community, Musicians & Venues Together

Each portal feeds off of the others to grow the entire local music scene in your hometown, and communities everywhere.

For Community Portal

Find Live Music and Events, Discover Local Artists and Venues, Local Musician Radio Player, Tip Artists, Save Events Lists, Share Events and Favorite Artists by Social Media, Text, Email.

For Musicians and More Portal

Find Available Stages, Request Bookings, Manage Bookings, Artist Profiles, Community Enjoys Your Music, Get Tips from fans at Events and while they listen to the Local Musician Radio Player, Events are Automatically Promoted.

For Venues Portal

Offer Stage Times, Define Target Artists, Define Terms from Tips Only to Negotiable, Send Stage Invitations, Accept/Decline Booking Requests, Events are Automatically Promoted.

Get started and watch your local music ecosystem grow

Our Patent Pending Methods Are Filling Empty Stages

We're expanding stage opportunities for artists! By flipping the age-old booking methods and reinventing the process, Stages.Live makes it easy for both venues and artists to book gigs. Nearly 100% adoption rate by owners of restaurants, bars, breweries, wineries and coffee shops.

See how all three portals work together

City-to-City Launch Tour

Join us in helping Local Artists and the Venues where they play bounce back after Covid. Each tour city has a Monday through Sunday "music festival" week, but unlike most festivals, events take place at multiple restaurants, bars, breweries, coffee shops and other venues throughout each day, all around the region. You'll hear musicians from all walks of life playing during all hours of the day: high school age musicians, college age musicians, seasoned pros, and those that gave up on the dream years ago. All can easily book a stage and perform live with Stages.Live.

NW Arkansas & Eureka Springs Launch Festival
Summer 2021

Many thanks to our sponsors, local musicians & venues

Grow a Vibrant Local Live Music Scene in Your Town

Stages.Live is Free for All to Use