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Stages.Live, a Free NWA Community Events and Local Streaming Music App, to Launch at Bentonville’s First Friday

First launching in NW Arkansas, then 26+ major markets later in the year

BENTONVILLE, Ark. – August 01, 2022 – Stages.Live today announced the official NW Arkansas launch of its free community events, and local streaming music player app will take place at Downtown Bentonville’s August First Friday with a Lunchtime Open Jam on the big stage from 11:00-1:00. The Stages.Live app is now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. The Lunchtime Jam is open to any musician that wants to jam along or sing along. 

Stages.Live is a community events app, it’s an artist tipping app, it’s a gig booking app with a patent-pending method, but, perhaps the most interesting feature of the app is its Local Musicians Streaming Player. Touch Play and it builds a playlist of original and cover music videos from local artists. 

“Stages.Live is creating new fans of local artists and their music,” said Rick Bray, the co-inventor and co-founder. “Until now, there hasn’t been a good way for communities to get to know their local artists. Radio and Spotify create fans of recording artists, and those fans fill arenas. Stages.Live creates fans of local artists, and those fans fill the restaurants, bars, breweries and wineries where they play.”

Bray continued, “We’re trying to help local talent make a living doing what they love, without having to leave home to chase the dream. Musicians, comedians, poets, it’s for all local performing artists.”

Tracie Kivisto, Events Manager for Downtown Bentonville Inc., found herself using Stages.Live to find things to do, and loving it, so “I decided to make it official, and we’re now using it for Downtown Bentonville Inc.’s events beginning with the August 5th First Friday,” she said, “Stages.Live offers an innovative and powerful way for us to book artists, promote our events, and promote Downtown Bentonville businesses. It’s a game-changing app that makes my job easier,” Kivisto continued. 

The app is now pre-populated and ready-to-go in NW Arkansas with starter profiles waiting to be claimed for more than 120 local Artists and the Venues where they play. The company is preparing the app for a ready-to-go launch in 26+ other major markets later in the year.

Jenna Melnicki, a popular NW Arkansas musician and star of the touring Amy Winehouse Experience said, “I’ve moved all of my events to Stages.Live because it’s so much easier for our fans to follow us. Fans tip us, watch videos, buy tickets, plus the app’s booking feature is great.” 

“NW Arkansas is our home, and it all starts here,” said Bray, “but Stages.Live is designed to be a global app that’s local everywhere. We want every town to view Stages.Live as its hometown app to find things to do, discover local talent, and become fans of their local music.”


A private, not-for-profit organization, Downtown Bentonville Inc. is uniquely positioned as a driving force to build and promote a welcoming and lively downtown for all community members. Downtown Bentonville Inc. works to activate downtown spaces through expertly-executed events, advocate for current and future downtown businesses and investments, and amplify the voices of all residents of Bentonville through its digital storytelling platform DWTN Media.

Stages.Live, LLC, headquartered in Rogers, Arkansas, is the developer of the new Stages.Live app for community events, booking gigs, and streaming original and cover music from local musicians. Stages.Live intends to be the go-to app for local streaming music, community events, and finding places to eat and drink, replacing Facebook events, and Yelp. Co-founder, Rick Bray, is a graduate of the University of Arkansas, and an award winning inventor. His previous invention, TVGuardian – The Foul Language Filter, was the recipient of the prestigious international CES Best-of-Show award.