About Us

About Us

The Inspiration

Brothers Rick and Tom Bray love local live music. They like to have a craft beer from time to time, too. Early one summer evening, they decided to go have a beer or two and find some live music. They drove to the first place, only to find an empty stage. They drove to another place... another empty stage, and that got them thinking out loud, "There's got to be a solution! Musicians want gigs. Venues have stages. We've got to find a way to fill these empty stages." And, so it began...

Our Team

Rick Bray

Designer and Co-Founder, Head Community Ambassador
Rick's patented inventions received both a CES Best of Show award and CES Innovations award. As CEO, his previous company licensed his IP into 20 million DVD Players and satellite DVRs, and its products built on his patents were sold in major big-box retailers.

Eric Clemons

Lead Contract App Developer
Banking executive with 15+ years of experience designing, developing and securing enterprise bank operations; online and mobile app, and data security.